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American Coworker Elf

Tags: poop (6) , fart (5)

Today's comic is totally a rip off of the style of James Kochalka, of American Elf. The story actually belongs to one of my coworkers. He a-parently (pun, right?) went through this, or something like it. Who knew that babies actually explode (and I expect that this is a typical parent usage of the word) "poo" out of their "asses" (that's one of my words). My coworker went into great detail on the shock he felt, the joy of the now depressurized baby, but especially on the sound that the whole incident made, for which I don't have a single onomatopoetic word that will actually do it justice.

Seriously, American Elf, is good, go check it out.

In only vaguely related news, my first insult was the phrase, "poo poo butt". This was before I learned "ass".