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Bad Idea


Since starting the comic, I've become really well versed in the webcomic scene. Not a part of it, but privy to it. Watching other comics come along, I've seen some patterns to their progress.

There are many genres of webcomic out there. Mine is of the something-between-a-journal-and-sheer-randomness (SBJ&SR) genre. It's a really long name for a genre. There are other comics of this genre out there, eg. I am ARG. Us SBJ&SR comics tend to have some similarities throughout our content. There are certain experiences that we all likely share, like how friends approach you and tell you when one of your conversations is ripe for comic creation.

My friends are all quite supportive of the comic. They pretend to like it at least. So, I pretend to enjoy it when people point out that "this" would make for a good comic. It's kind of flattering that friends would want to help. At best, they've actually spotted a good subject for a comic, but usually they just spur a good conversation about what constitutes the makings of a good comic. One of my beliefs to have fallen out of such conversations is that I think the really good comics justify the need for the art in the joke. Ideally there should be visual humor to justify the use of the medium.

While today's comic is a little light on visual humor, imagine how boring it'd be without any drawings at all!