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Beard Tithing

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Having a beard, as I always have, comes with a cost. After a point it is not unlike being religious; you give a tenth of your food to your beard and you don't get to have sex. It isn't all bad of course.

There are good parts about the beard tithe. For instance, instead of eating a salad I can have a burger and fries, because I know that at least a tenth of it will go into my beard (aka. the face-belly). It's not only a fashion and a lifestyle, but also a diet.

While those of us with sweet staches suffer extra taxes on our food every day, there is a group fighting for equality. The American Mustache Institute has proposed a bill to give mustached Americans up to a $250 tax refund. You can read about it here: AMI's STACHE Act. It sounds like the way it is written may offer relief for mustached women as well as men.

Seattlites: check out the Beard and Stache Fest. They've got stuff running all month.