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Bike Polo 1

Tags: bikes (7)

The bike polo world championships are coming up, and a friend asked me to create a bit of an ad for it. It took a good chunk of time from my normal drawing time, so I decided to reuse the art to back-fill my slacking off on normal Another Webcomic work.

Bike polo is an awesome sport, there are venues for it in many major cities. Once a year teams that have qualified through regional competitions come together to compete for the title of World Champion. Seattle has held this title multiple times, and continues to produce the best players in the country.

Today's comic shows how every game begins. One team yells, "Marco." When the other team responds with "Polo", the game is on. Players from both sides will ride for the ball to start the game. This sometimes dangerous sprint is appropriately called the "Joust".

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships will be held from September 9-11th, 2011 at Magnuson Park. Spectators welcome!!!

Check the 2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship site for more information.

Next time: the exciting conclusion