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Bike Polo 2

Tags: bikes (7)

I know I just told you, but the bike polo worlds are still coming to Seattle on September 9th-11th, 2011. Check the 2011 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship site for more information.

Today's comic shows how shots are made, and sometimes blocked. There are a lot of funny things about the polo bike, one of the more noticable oddities is the use of "wheel-covers". The cover is not for aerodynamics, in fact I find it makes it really hard to ride in any wind at all. The wheel-covers do keep the ball from passing through the spokes of the wheel, and can even protect your spokes from breakage as you play.

For the power Photoshop users out there: I've discovered a cool trick for applying the texture on the polo series of comics. I have created a stack of three layers; two inversion-adjustment layers sandwiched around one layer with the blending method set to multiply in the middle holding the texture (eg. cloth or paint spatter). If you try this out, you'll find that your texture will only be applied to dark areas, and not texture light areas. The lowest of the three inversion layers inverts lower layers (turning the white black). The texture layer is multiplied onto the light areas (though remember this is inverted). The top inversion layer inverts a second time to correct the colors. For these comics, I've been satisfied with this aesthetic.