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Boobies #3


This is the final installment of the painted booby series. In retrospect, there are much hotter ways to have a series about painted boobies. Along those line, I'm really grateful that no one ever paints swimsuits on dudes.

I was thinking the other day, a chance occurrence, about the origin of the post-coital cigarette (PCC) and its eventual fate. Where did it come from? Almost more importantly, what will become of it as the popularity of smoking dwindles and what will take its place?

It doesn't really make sense, the PCC; how many of us have even had them? Even among my smoking friends, they rarely tend to smoke inside. Despite the rarity of the real-life PCC, the meaning it evokes is undeniable.

The image of the PCC is nearly irreplaceable. You can't use very many things to imply that a couple just had sex. For instance, a person sitting in bed knitting would be expected to be frigid, whereas a man sitting in bed with a computer would be assumed to be celibate (but still getting off?). Lollipops would be too juvenile, but also possibly frustrated (depending on if the sucker is being chewed or not). Their shapes evoke the right freudian imagery, but really they're typically saved for foreplay.

As the popularity of the post-coital cigarette fades are we to expect the post-coital nicotine patch or gum to take over?