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Caught Code Handed


Especially on the weekends and sometimes on weekday nights, I'll program wearing only a towel. The thing is that showers often stir up some good thoughts, and next thing I know, I'm sitting infront of my computer trying to just hammer out some code. If you try and barge into my room, you may catch me coding in the buff sitting on my balance ball.

On the topic of balance balls: good posture my ASS! I've had so many issues from trying to watercolor while sitting on the bouncy ball. Sure I can't slouch, but I can hunch over like a 95 year-old with a three year-old's walker.

Having arrived at my new job (where I don't program naked because of HR and crippling self-consciousness regarding body-image) I've been learning a ton about SEO. So lately my sporadic home programming sessions have been improving some Another Webcomic's SEO.