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Choose Human

Tags: pokémon (2)

Pokémon is a strange show. What do people eat in the Pokéworld? Is Ash ever seen eating any meat, and if so, which pokémon was it? Perhaps Ash chooses Tofurkey.

If it is so, that all the meat in the Pokéworld are pokémon, what keeps people from being beaten down and pokéballed too? I guess there'd be upsides, despite the possibility of, imprisonment and slavery.

The benefits of human pokéballing is that mass transit could be so much more MASSIVE. Imagine the capacity of plane full of pokéballs. Do you age in a pokéball? If not, you could just hibernate forever! I'd pop out every now and again to see what the world had become. Then I'd pop back in my pokéball and wait 'til cars fly.

The Pokéworld PETA would have a field day with pokémon battles, how's that any different than a cock fight?