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Coffee Addict Etiquette

Tags: coffee (5) , zombies (2)

On the last version of this site/webcomic this was the first comic too. Since then, I've gained many skills with the Wacom Tablet. Now with the revamped site, I figured I could go back through and republish the best of the old comics, give others a well deserved facelift, and sprinkle in new content too!

The original version of this comic was published on Sept. 25, 2006. The problem it addresses still stands; people need to back the hell away from where the coffee gets handed to you at coffee shops. The coffee spawn is not a private table, and your presence there does not speed up the delivery of your coffee. If anything, it pisses-off whoever is actually ahead of you in the coffee queue, and irritates the barrista.

Don't irritate barristas, they'll put you on decaf.

For a definition of "spawn camping", UrbanDictionary has one here.