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Costume Ideas: Chewbacca

Tags: star wars (14)

There's candy on the shelves of that one festive isle in the super market, though it's been there for a month and a half now. But what this means is that it is almost Halloween. You now have to worry about what you're going to dress up as. Me, I've got options.

The proposed Chewy costume above may not fly at the company Halloween party. You may even have to sport a vest of fur to be served in some bars. In fact, it's also ill advised to answer the door to trick'r treaters wearing this. But if you've got the balls to pull this costume off, then you may consider wearing underwear under the fur shorts, so those balls can't be seen.

As a child I remember being in the locker room of the Fife Pool after a free swim. Some old dude walks in wearing what I at first mistook to be a sweater-vest. I realized suddenly that this was indeed no vest, this was just his chest and back hair conspiring to make the man a never-nude (see here). I remember having the distinct reaction of "Eww, I hope that never happens to me". And now I, in my my own sweater-vest, realize that karma can indeed be a bitch.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you body hair, head for the hills and try to make the news as the latest Bigfoot sighting.