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Dandelions Don't Work

Tags: animated (9)

Sunday night my roommate and I hung out in our backyard watching the Perseid meteor shower. The city light drowned out much of the show, but we did manage spot four or six. I'm not very superstitious, but I definitely still do wish on shooting stars. I'm considering not wishing on dandelions anymore, however.

I have scientific reasons for still wishing on shooting. With dandelions, there's just so many of them that you can wish on thousands in a few years time. With only average outcomes as a result you can actually prove with a high confidence that wishing on dandelions has no effect on the outcome of events. To gather such confidence on shooting star findings, however, would take ages.

Now, I know what you are thinking; what if we teamed up and shared our data? But sharing your wish would invalidate it and therefore your findings as well. Because of this you could never trust anyone else's findings as they can't give you proof or show work.

So, from this the best thing you can do is scientifically repeat the dandelion experiment yourself, and keep on wishing on shooting stars. It's in the name of science!