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Dinosaurs and Landlines


Instead of making a joke comic today, I figured I'd put out just a small simple story, but you already knew that.

There's a lot of cool art using phone books out there, I'll link to some below. I suppose there's not a huge gap that the phone books are filling anymore, with the internet and all, so that pretty much makes them inherently art.

My dad was once an art major. During this time one of his professors imparted an interesting philosophy on what is to constitute art. He (the prof) believed that "if you don't know what it is or how to use it, it must be art".

So, really a couple of times a year it seems someone leaves a little statue on my door step. Kind of like those piles of rocks people leave near trails, or on makeshift graves in movies when a proper burial is impossible. Given the grave interpretation of this art, perhaps we should feel threatened.

Phone books should go the way of the dinosaurs and landlines. I hear the small voice out there that cries, "but without landlines and phone books, what will you do if the power goes out?" Well, my cellphone has a battery so I'll probably use it the same as I always do; you don't need a cell tower to play solitaire.

Aforementioned phone book art:

by Alex Queral

by Richard Kroeker

by Long-bin Chen