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Emo Comedian


While this isn't exactly a true story, I do really like self-deprecating humor; I'm good at it, it's just so easy. ...And that was the original version of today's joke. Through some field testing, I found the early version too subtle a brand of meta. Too many early victims gave me that laugh that indicates that they knew a joke transpired, but not the look that shows they noticed the pun.

Stand-up comedy would be fun. I feel like I'm always saying funny shit, however I know that there is a huge difference between being funny conversationally and being funny alone infront of a crowd. Setting up the context for a joke must be so much harder when all you can do is stand there talking and maybe moving a little.

When it comes down to it, stand-up is a performance art, whereas drawing a comic is mostly about the end result, the artifact. No one wants to watch me draw. The way I typically draw would probably look a lot like masturbation: Alone, watching movies infront of my computer, half dressed, with one hand on the mouse, and the other on my stylus. I'm still worried that my roommates are going to catch me drawing one of these days and get all grossed out.