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About a year ago, I bought a sailboat. Just a little one. She needs some work, quite a bit actually, but she's seaworthy.

Last weekend, my girlfriend and I sailed her 72+ miles for a new slip a little closer to home. It took two days (not counting the two days of prepping the boat and getting last minute necessities and the planning, oh the planning).

I grew up around boats and sometimes I forget what it is like to not know sailing. Upon a person finding out that I sail, I get a little taste of what that feeling must be like. People's preconceived notions about are a bit skewed from the reality of boat ownership. It's easy to forget that for all the fanciness, you eventually have to empty the head (toilet/glorified bucket), fix fiberglass, wire lights to car batteries, or wait out rainstorms plotting how to find and fix leaks. But when you get to go for a quick sail or take a trip to your favorite gunkhole for the night, it all becomes worth it.