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Hummingbird vs. Humming Bird


Growing up, our house was always inundated with hummingbirds; blue-footed boobies, native to the Galapagos, not so much. Though known for their speedy wings and sugar cravings, I think the hummingbird's temper is under-appreciated. Hummers are angry little bastards. Though I've seen up to seven around the same feeder, none were too happy about it, and it is much more common to see one hummingbird hog a whole six-holed feed to itself. They chirp angrily at each other and chase other hummers off of their territory, as well as all sorts of other birds and humans.

The blue-footed booby, known for its blue feet and extravagant mating dance, should really be known for its blatant racism. The extravagant mating dance only served to show potential mates the booby's blue feet, as if to say non-blue-footed boobies can literally fuck-off (elsewhere).

There may be a whole comic's worth in the racism of the blue-footed booby.