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Inside-out: Dangle-dealia


When I was a kid I used to call the uvula the "dangle-dealia". People would ask what I meant, to which I'd reply, "you know, the little dangly deal at the back of your mouth?"

Later, once I knew how to spell both uvula and vulva, it was all I could do keep them straight. For instance, I might have said, "I can always tell when I'm getting sick, because I feel like my vulva is swollen", which is utterly impossible for a guy like me. I seldom say vulva, at least on purpose, so at least the word confusion goes only one way. Good thing I'm not an OB/GYN.

There is no sexy way to use the word 'vulva' in a sentence. I'm sure it's been attempted in some terrible paperback with Fabio on the cover, but it just comes off as too clinical.