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Lay No More Forever (a true story)


Long ago (in the 90’s) the Lay’s company had a series of commercials featuring the catch-phrase “I bet you can’t just eat one.” I imagine this is when my friend took up this ridiculous bet. It seems there is no winning this bet. To win this bet is to die having never eaten another Lay’s potato chip. The only way I could imagine payout working is if the bookie were to payout over the better’s entire life, keeping track of the total sum of payout. If the better ever lapses, then the bookie would be entitled to the full sum of the payout to date plus whatever the penalty of the wager was.

Hanging out at a bar, my betting friend and I had a basket of chips. He didn’t even touch the chips until he’d had a chance to ask the waitress if they were Lay’s.

This comic’s style was inspired by the style of the “Scott Pilgrim” comics by Bryan Lee O’Mally.