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Messquerade is Coming!


So instead of doing a comic tonight, I got to work on a poster/flier/sweatshirt design with my friends Gretchen and Messmann for this event that's happening October 27th. Gretchen did the beautiful drawing. I digitized it, colored it, and added all the text (as bad as some of it is). Behind the scenes Messmann made us put it all together.

Messmann's Messquerade has been happening for nearly 12 years running now, with the exception of last year. What it amounts to, though, is pretty much the biggest and best Halloween party in Seattle. So if you get the chance, come to the event or come to the after party. There are prizes and booze as well as some sweet-ass swag. More information will be forthcoming at messmannsmessquerade.net.

Hey, at least the font isn't Comic Sans. Also, regular comics will resume on Thursday.