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Metal Comic


In making a small change to today's comic last night, I uploaded a version without dialogue. Should I keep it this way?

A long time ago, one of my friends asked when he'd be in the comic. After hanging out after a show the other night, I finally came up with a good comic to work him into. At first I thought that I hadn't ever done a metal comic, but then there was this one only weeks ago.

I love the typical metal poster tropes, of which there are many. There's so many to draw on, literally. Vikings, wolves, dragons, zombies, skulls, and the list goes on. I have to say the fantasy and viking themes are my favorites.

UPDATE: Reader @TroyJMorris has fixed my error with his own text:

UPDATE 2: Greg HXC also adds that you can use the newspaper's text to this same end (I NEED A WRITER!):