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Mono Sucks


Mono sucks. Not only are the symptoms terrible, but they only justify the prolonged impact on the social life of the infected. For weeks I was cooking with a fever and a stiff neck. The neck pain incited migrane-like headaches. Then, hives covered my body . Finally, the sore throat finished the symptoms off with pain enough to wake me whenever I unintentionally swallowed in my sleep. Suddenly over a weekend the symptoms resolved, though a lingering malaise persists.

The time that I was out, was so bad that I wouldn't wish that on many people. Now, I'm faced with the lingering impact on my social life; so long as I'm contagious I can't share a drink, utensil, or kiss. Your twenties is a terrible time to get mono.

Mono sucks, but don't take my word for it, see what Wikipedia has to say.