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No Cancer!


So for the better part (read worse part) of February, there was a very real possibility that my dad had cancer. While I usually have quite interesting talks with my parents, this generated some exceptionally good discussions. We actually wound up bonding a lot.

My dad's always had a healthy sense of humor. As a kid, however, I never realized his capacity for really dark humor; I only ever saw his dirty humor that constitute the bulk of his jokes back in the day. With the possibility of his eventual death seeming so immanent, we discovered eachother's darker jokes. Over dinner I suggested that we team up to make a webcomic to humorously chronicle his last years. We both were really excited to work on this. I even bought the domain name, "shortfusedbob.com", and he bounced comic ideas off of me through email. Everything was looking good, except for his health.

About a week ago he got a handfull of labs back that indicated that he didn't have cancer. We were really happy, of course, but also a little sad, strangely. We had grown so attached to the idea of a really morbid and dark comic that it was hard to let go of it.

This whole experience has given my dad a really funny new outlook on life, and me a really funny new outlook on my dad. Now he's taken to telling people that he's going to put the "fun" back in "funeral", and I've taken to telling him that he'll die soon enough and we'll eventually get our comic. I really appreciate his ability to handle this whole experience with such grace, humor, and zen even.

We still don't know what's wrong with him, or our sick sense of humor.

Also, now there's a comment section!