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I was trying to act cool and smoke a cigarette recently, but upon doing it right (by actually inhaling) I totally choked and coughed my lungs out. Though kind of embarrassing, I recovered quickly.

I'm a little bitter that smokers get some pretty sweet advantages, aside from the higher incidence of cancer. Not only do smokers get to be perceived as cooler and more bad-ass, but they also enjoy a very social habit. While the rest of us losers sit alone at tables checking our text messages awkwardly, the smokers are outside holding each others' hands guiding/shielding bits of flame infront of each others' faces semi-intimately.

Another benefit of smoking is the slow olfactory damage it entails. It seems that everyone here in France smokes, which actually explains a lot about how they're able to stand the smell of the various cheeses and people. On this trip we've eaten one cheese that was so potent that even once it was sealed in a bag and thrown out, it still smelled up the apartment until we took out the trash! This sensory damage must yield an amazing ability to stomach the strangest foods.