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On optimism and moving


I've moved again... well, almost. I still haven't transferred my address or internet, but that is in the works. And I still have keys to the old place, so I kind of still have one toe of one foot in the old place. I won't really consider myself fully moved until I've fully cleaned the place out and have a new person there in my stead.

Moving sucks. However, on the bright side, it's a great workout, mixing aspects of cardio and strength training, while sparing no auxiliary muscles.

While my moving plan was to span two weeks to "reduce the stress of moving," I think this just spread a higher average base level of stress across the weeks. While I was able to get a surprising amount of stuff (how do I have so much stuff!?!),I'll say what I said the last two times I moved, "next time I'm getting movers."

I say that now, but of course, we'll see.