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Pissing Sneeze

Tags: pee (1)

The pissing sneeze, I've never actually done it, but I've worried about it for sure. So far, none of the men I've talked to about it have confirmed the existence of the pissing sneeze. It may be one of those mind over matter things, where your body just simply won't let you sneeze while you've taken aim at some helpless toilet. Maybe it's like how your eyes close when you sneeze, perhaps so does your dick.

Once aware of the possibility of the pissing sneeze, it is common for men to worry. I've found myself worrying most about this when using one of those toilets with the carpeted lid; the kind a girlfriend's parents' house would have in it; the kind that would be not only hard to clean up, but embarrassing as well. The pissing sneeze situation also wields the potential for the dreaded back-spray. If that shit got out of hand (literally?) you could have a genuine Dick Cheney grade accident.

The other night I ran my concept for this comic past my parents. My mom brought it to my attention that as a woman ages it becomes more likely that she may piss a few drops when she sneezes, as opposed to sneezing when she pees. I find this prospect much more terrifying. Let's hope this doesn't stand for men too.