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Pokémon Rule

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In 2002 I became a pescatarian (a vegetarian that eats fish). I was working at a Boy Scout camp and got tired of the same food every week, and I noticed that the vegetarians got exciting and different food each day. Out of stubbornness this lasted for 8 years.

I had a set of rules governing exceptions to my vegetarianism:

  • In foreign countries, eat their food; it's their culture.
  • If dining as a guest the host overlooked or forgot my vegetarianism, I'd make no fuss in eating meat.
  • Lastly, if it wasn't on my list of previously eaten animals, it was fare game. This I dubbed the Pokémon rule.

Now I eat meat once more, but I still hold the Pokémon rule. I'm attempting to eat one of everything, and always looking for a new critter to eat (bonus points for cute things).

Animals, Gotta eat 'em all!