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Reasons to Shave

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When you have a big-ass beard, everyone wants you to change your beard in some way. I decided after the first time I shaved for a girlfriend, that I'd shave for no one, or as I like to say, "I shave for no mortal!" Now and again I still find my own reasons to shave, and by "shave" I mean trim of course.

On the topic of beards, Seattlites should know that the Beard & Stache Fest is going on, and celebrating its completion on April 1st (no joke). They'll be down at the Tripple Door, downtown. The whole event raises money for Treehouse (a non-profit helping foster children). I hear that if they get a good enough turnout at the Tripple Door, the house may pitch in an extra amount.

For reading so much, here's a little reward: