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After biking around Seattle and drinking up a pretty good hunger, one summer night we headed to Beth's. A couple of good friends were at the table and with them some visitors from Alaska.

When our food came (six egg omelettes all around, and a twelve egg for myself), I wasted no time. By the time that the omelette was gone, exposing the delicious fat soaked hash-browns underneath, the Alaskan next to me had only made it half way through his meager six eggs.

Twelve eggs, two pieces of toast, and a heaping serving of hash-browns later, my distended belly cantilevered over my belt in such an uncomfortable way it prevented me from riding my bike home. I loosed my belt and dropped my fly and rode off into the night, belly in the wind.

Where my 2009 resolution was to eat a twelve egg omelette, my 2010 resolution was to lose weight.