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Rick and Morty Go Back to the Future


Of course, with the back to the future date upon us, nearly the whole internet has to remind you constantly that a very bummed out Doc Brown and Marty just popped out of the past to find that barely any skateboards fly, and certainly most cars do not. On the bright side we now have Rick & Morty!

Like many people Back to the Future was one of my first introductions to the concept of time travel. I can't say that it probably helped. Though while not perfect, it kicked off a pattern of thinking about time travel I'll never give up.

My belief, when it comes to time travel, is that if the whole show/movie is not firmly based on an internally consistent version of time travel, then they did something stupid and/or annoying to fix a story problem using time travel. This isn't perfect of course; mostly because Looper was some of the worst time travel ever and it was a central piece of the plot.

Heh, re-captioned it based off of twitter... If you'd like to recaption the comic, here's the link to a blank comic (link), tweet it at me (koos42) and it could wind up below, as Nate's has: