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Sarlacc Pit

Tags: star wars (14)

How is the Sarlacc Pit not a vagina!? The coloquial name for the Dune Sea is probably "the Sarlacc Vulva".

While this isn't necessarily the dick joke comic you were looking for, it is in a similar vein. Last week I promised a penis joke, but I fell short (said the actress to the bishop). I instead made an anti-SOPA comic.

The non-Star Wars fan; does that exist, or is that just a sad shell of a person yet to experience awesomeness? I'd hope for their sake, that the only non-Star Wars fan that exists is one who has yet to see the originals. This would be the most beneficial circumstance to be in, as I could simply show them the original movies and they'd be saved (at least in my eyes). The great George Lucas in the sky would forgive them, and they'd be allowed entrance into the great "Long, long ago and far, far away" that one experiences after death. This isn't to say that George is my god, though, that would be blaspheme.

George Lucas can't be god, because Han Solo (the original badass) holds this title. You could try and kiss up, but he'd tell you the same as Leia, "I know". Seriously, the man above odds is the actual hero of the series. While Luke may be the promised Jedi to bring back balance to the Force, the first movie is really about the character arc of Han Solo, I feel. Luke is stuck on a pretty definite track through the rest, while Han is actually given the largest chance to fail. Han's character is the biggest motivator of change throughout all of the movies.

This one comic has got me on a role. From it I have at least three derivative comics in the works. For the sake of the non-Star Wars fan, though, I'll space them out.