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Q: What do you call an angry driver at an intersection?
A: Cross traffic.

I had to turn myself in for misappropriating work resources today. My boss took it quite well. He showed me that the copier also has a fax/scan/email settings that work off of LDAP to find you and send you your image. To sweeten the deal, both our PR person (@lpowell) and my COO (@knakao) were introduced to the comic when my boss ratted me out. Surprisingly, they were okay with it. I consider it quite odd, given much of the content, but the chill response is definitely indicative of our workplace.

Today's comic was done by hand again, xeroxed straight out of my Molskine. I did a little art supply shopping at Utrecht Art in Seattle this weekend, and this was literally the first thing I drew with my new micron pens. I really enjoy other artists style, and I'm kind of gearing up to try some on. I'm totally willing to sacrifice constancy for style, if I can continue to improve. Despite the convenience of the tablet, sometimes it feels really good to draw in analog. It looks different too; the imperfections are real, as opposed to made up in photoshop. Don't worry though, this isn't going to become another silly scanner comic.

One day I aspire to the work fo Asaf Hanuka or this guy, and so I practice. I am planning on incorporating Pintrest sometime soon, by the way.