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Space Aspirations


I figured I'd illustrate the last comic's point about the dangers of loose debris around the zero-g home by making a case study of free floating legos. While the zero-g life style prevents some of the hazards of legos, namely stepping on their sharp corners, it creates other hazards. As I said on Tuesday, "Breathing sucks and in zero gravity things are drawn towards those that suck."

My favorite toys have always been legos. Even before they started making Star Wars legos, I loved them as toys. The three dimensional thinking is probably largely responsable for my visual nature. The ability to create any toy, including working projectile launchers that I would otherwise not be allowed.

I'm still convinced that one of the worst pains you can feel is that of hopping out of bed onto a pile of loose legos. Like little cubic caltrops, the sharp corners plug into your skin causing you to shift your weight to a new sharp corner. I'm pretty sure that at Guantanamo Bay one of the "stress positions" they use is simply standing a prisoner on a bed of legos.

Today's comic is largely inspired by the morbid comics over at Perry Bible Fellowship, which have started up again!