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Talking Out My Ass

Tags: fart (5)

I absolutely love this webcomic called Boumeries (link!). They say, "imitation is the highest form of flattery." So, in keeping with that phrase I've decided to steal Boum's style for the week.

I've found many benefits to Boum's style. Her comics are easy to read, her characters are simple enough to be easily consistant, and (best of all) this comic took about an hour to draw. I think I could get it even faster in the future. The major challenge of the style is keeping it simple.

I think simplicity is actually quite a challenge in comics and illustration. Figuring out what is needed to get the message across can be difficult. If you think of it as pruning; your goal is to cut enough out of the art to keep it uncrowded, but leave enough to make it understandable and interesting.

Boum also does all sorts of other beautiful illustration as a freelance illustrator. You can find her portfolio at Boumerie.com.