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Toilet Feet


I don't want it to be known when I'm taking a crap. I've taken it so far as to fantasize about having special pair of shoes so my feet can't be recognized (this would never work, cause of pants and stuff). Though, I'm actively working on getting over my fears in this area, ask my roommates. In an unusual move, I'll stop here and spare you the details.

I'm a big fan of bathroom graffiti. I'm pretty sure bars only clean it periodically to make room for more. It's like changing out the art in a gallery. What I never seem to understand is how public bathrooms can never match their own paint colors. So instead of completely hiding the graffiti penis, they wind up with a larger off-color phallic blob.

It would be funny to pepper a wall with tame graffiti in such a way that when it is inevitably covered up with some poorly matched paint, it reveals a more offensive message. I would call it meta-graffiti. The irony of the care-taker committing the final act of vandalism makes it really performance graffiti with a sub-message about control.

There's a bunch of references in the graffiti, but the main two I feel bad about referencing without a link to the originals are Penny Arcade's Fruit Fucker and Girls with Slingshots' McPedro. There's some Shepard Fairey and mention of Banksy, but also some almost completely unknown local Seattle taggers too, just to make it authentic.