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My parents have a Mini Cooper. They also have a mini Australian shepherd named Cooper. I'll say this, though it is obvious, the dog is named after their car.

As a programmer, one of the worst things in the world that I would ever be allowed to do is name a child. Being my parents' kid, I've definitely got their sense of pun names. Furthermore, all programmers have a tendency to name things in funny ways. For instance, GNU stands for GNU is Not Unix, in which GNU stands for GNU is Not Unix, in which GNU stands for ... we all see where this is going.

Luckily for my as yet unconcieved child, programmers stick to acronyms and I'm not a hippy, so Charles Oscar Cooper Kleven will never have to worry about having as an unusual first name as Starchild or Moon Unit (though that's a girl's name. Given my given name, Koos, I won't feel so bad passing on the pain.

So far, the best named piece of code that I've created is called Observant Lumberjack. For the nerds, it is a class that implements the observer pattern for the purpose of logging events.