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When man's burgeoning population forces us to move to the stars, some things will get harder, eg. finding where all those lego pieces floated off to, others will get easier. Vacuuming will be as simple as opening a window.

I'd expect that keeping a clutter free environment in space will be of great benefit. Really, having loose junk floating about a room could be a health hazard. You could virtually inhale anything in your sleep. It is just a simple fact that breathing sucks and in zero gravity things are drawn to those that suck.

In our future space culture vacuuming will be stigmatized as extremely wasteful.

Note: I don't expect to go back to making these "analog" comics in the future, but I did want to experiment with the form, and partially get back to my non-digital roots.

Also, I'd like to propose a new standard where digital is implied and if you do anything not-digital you must explicitly say "analog".