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Where is pen?


True story... The other day I spent a half hour looking for my Wacom stylus.

I found myself infront of my computer watching Hulu and trying to draw into Photoshop without my stylus. Without the stylus, the expensive drawing tablet is useless, so I started to search immediately. I started simple, without touching anything I gazed over ever inch of my desktop, looking for my stylus. At this point I recalled a fact that most pens that have gone missing for over an hour, are never actually seen again. I was racing against the clock.

After a few minutes, I expanded my search to incorporate everything within the 8ft. range of my headphone's cord, keeping them attached while House continued. Tearing apart my desk and even searching my trash was even to no avail. It's also true that 100% of pens to go missing, when found after about 8 minutes, are found cold and lifeless.

Now on a recovery mission, I expanded the search. As I removed my headphones my departed stylus came tumbling out from behind my ear. Dr. House was now silently berating me from my monitor. I felt like a fool, but took comfort that the feeling wouldn't last so long as no one knew what transpired.

...And now I'm starting to feel like a fool again.